Will DV Lottery 2023 be held in 2021?

In this very short blog post, we tell if the Diversity Visa Lottery 2023 will be actually held in 2021 and what its dates will be.

Will the Diversity Visa Lottery 2023 be held in 2021?

Yes, the DV Lottery 2023 will be held in 2021 as usual.

What are Diversity Visa Lottery 2023 dates?

Will DV Lottery 2023 be held in 2021
Will DV Lottery 2023 be held in 2021

The DV Lottery 2023 will run from October 7, 2021, till November 10, 2021. Note, these dates are preliminary and can change. The Department of State will announce the dates on about September 28-30, 2021.


Will DV Lottery 2023 be held in 2021?

DV-2023 is expected to accept entries from eligible people in this year 2021. Still, the dates are not announced by the State Department or by the KCC. So keep watching the internet for more information on this Diversity Visa Lottery program conducted by the American Government. A lot of people think that this is a simple draw. no, it is not a simple draw. It is a tough one with strict rules. If you lose your visa at the time of the interview you can’t complain to anyone. It is totally gone. So before submitting your entry read the DV-2023 Instructions carefully.

5 common mistakes made by Green Card Lottery participants

DV-2022 Results are now available on the American Government’s Official website. This results checking facility was opened on 08th May 2021 and it will be kept open by the KCC till the month of September 2022. 30th September 2022 is the closing date for this diversity visa lottery program for the fiscal year 2022. Millions of participants had checked their results through the online selection checking website. In the meantime, the Winner’s Results will not be sent through postal mail, phone, or email.

So phones too will not be used by the American Government to announce the selected Green Card program winners. According to the KCC, all the participants must visit the official DV website and must feed their DV2022 confirmation number (In Africa, people use to call this confirmation number as Ticket) along with their personal information. The results will be displayed whether the person is selected as a winner or not.

Don’t Throw away your DV2022 Confirmation Code.

Even if you are not selected for the draw keep your confirmation number until the end of September 2022. Sometimes there may be a small number of Winner selections may happen.


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