How a Green Card holder can obtain U.S. citizenship

If you are a lucky green cardholder, you can become a legal US citizen after five years of residency. This happens through a naturalization process in which you must pass an exam.

The Certificate of Naturalization holders is given a number of advantages, including: – The right to vote; – The right to travel abroad for an extended period of time without loss of status; – The right to be employed in the civil service.

The process of obtaining U.S. citizenship can be divided into several basic steps. Eliminate any nuances that could lead to a negative decision to grant citizenship

For example, if there are questions related to minor infractions or if you have been away from the U.S. for too long. You may need legal assistance at this stage.

After the application is accepted, you will receive an email message inviting you to the nearest USCIS office for fingerprinting and other biometric data. Your information will be checked by the FBI.